Companies can count on ARTee-Retail solutions to transform their online sales. Online or retail shopping environments can be converted into Augmented/Virtual environment where customers can analyse and survey the products before investing on the product. Using ARtee-Retails Customers have almost realistic experience of the products.

Benefits of ARTee-Retail Solution:

-> Customer can visualise the product.

-> It increases online sales and reduces product returns.

-> Its a new generation shopping experience.

-> Risk-free trials.

-> It provides personalised shopping experience.

-> Customers can try products remotely .

Use cases

ARTee-Retails for Furniture:

'Try before you buy’ approach for furnitures has helped both retailers and customers. Customer can try the furniture before buying in their own space, this approach helps customers to finalise the product and hence decrease the returns of product. Also customer can confirm the size/color of product which results in the decrease of alterations.Hence the win-win situation for both.

ARTee-Retails for try-on

Use this solution to try cosmetics before actually buying them. So no more guesses about the outcome,with the help of this solution customer can get realistic look. Just try various products in your own comfort zone.