ARTee Education is the solution provided by ARTee Platform for Education and Training. As we all know traditional way of teaching with text and pictures is so boring. Augmented Reality based teaching methodology adds wings to the thoughts of students.It add understanability,creativity and fun learning at a very nominal cost. When we talk about L&D Augmented Reality plays a bigger role in it.There are many benefits of bringing Augmented Reality into Education. Few of them are listed below:

Benefits of ARTee-Education Solution:

-> It provides safe environment for training.for eg training medical students for operation , by creating simulated environment.

-> Its a faster and more creative way of learning

-> It is fun based and practical learning.

Use cases

ARTee-Education for Kids

Flash card with 3D animation on it , keeps kids engaged and make them understand those concept those were difficult to imagine. Learning with fun makes kids remember more when they see it on real rather than on pictures.

ARTee-Education for Medical Training

Use of Augmented Reality in medical training makes learning easy. As it offer more realistic learning.

ARTee-Education for Machinery Training

Training for machinery installation and repair an be more effective if Augmented Reality comes into the picture. Hence by adding virtual tutorials on machines can fasten the process with error prone installation/Repair.