As we all know Print-Media consist static content of images and text , but how many of us remember that content when we come across a brochure/banner etc. Hardly any ! Now think of ad video /3d Animations etc of any product. Probability of remembering video/3D content is higher, As brain process video/3D content much faster.ARTee-PrintMedia solves the problem of print media of static content by combining it with dynamic content ,by combining images with video/3d content.

Benefits of ARTee-PrintMedia:

-> Client engagement.

-> Publish/Broadcast content.

-> Update the content and keep updated the users.

-> Increase ROI

Use cases

Smart Brochures

ARTee is being adopted by large construction customers for promoting brochures . It detects appropriate image from physical brochures and plays videos related to media. It acts as a unique marketing tool

Smart Wedding Cards

ARTee is being used in Indian weddings for invites Pre-wedding shoots plays on top of wedding card by detecting image [changes daily to show live events]

AR Enabled Visiting Cards

ARTee is being used by customers for AR enabled visiting cards Company introduction in 2D video OR 3D AR object runs on top of AR enabled visiting card.